What should be done to reduce the corruption rate?

In the last few months, due to the increment in corruption, many countries like India are not able to progress properly. Due to the increment of corruption in these countries, poor people are becoming poorer and helpless, which is not a good sign in any way.

Why is corruption a bad thing?

There are still several people who are not able to understand why corruption is a so much bad for a country. If you are among those people and want to find out its answer, then don’t worry. Here are some of the things about corruption that can make you understand why it is so bad-

  • Low government fund- Due to the increment of corruption, the government is not being able to have good amount of funds. Due to this, government is not being able to help all the poor properly. This thing mainly increases the population of the poor in the country.
  • Wrong medicines- There are many hospitals or medicine stores that sell wrong medicines as well as other items to people to increase their profit. This is done by them through medicine duplication. This mainly disturbs the uneducated people a lot.

Some news about corruption

  • The government has taken several types of steps to prevent corruption and has also taken many people into consideration for their illegal activities.
  • The government also requests all its citizens to support every step they take to prevent corruption.

What can people do to decrease corruption?

In the present time, there are many people who want to stop corruption in their countries so that their country can have enough funds to help the poor. If you are among those and are finding some ways to reduce the corruption rate in your country, then don’t worry. Here are some of the easiest and simplest way to reduce the corruption rate-

  • Expose corrupt activities- If you find out any corrupt activity near you, then you should expose it as soon as possible. This can allow the government to take action fast against them and also to save lots of money.
  • Keep everything honest- First of all, you should be honest to your country. It means you should pay all the types of taxes to the government on time. And, you shall also make sure that you keep the public sectors honest and accountable.
  • Public sector employees- You should also make sure that any public sector employees do not work for themselves but work for you and the government. If you can ensure this thing, you would be helping you and also the people of your country.

In case, you are finding the answer for the question that why your country is not able to help the poor and, then don’t go anywhere. The answer to this tragedy is corruption. Due to the increment in corruption, the money is not able to reach the right place and also to right people. In case you want to do something about it, you should make sure that every person near you does not have any corrupted actives and pays taxes on time.

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