Ibaka scores at the celebration

Ibaka, the best one before Egypt

With the triumph of last night before Egypt, the selection put point and end to its completion for the important section of the World-wide one. The party of before African and the inaugural one in front of Iran have served yesterday to Orenga to finish lubricating the machinery. To polish details thinking about Brazil, Serbia and France, the rivals who will begin to mark their destiny in the match. He will be to start off tonight when the true level of a selection is seen that points stop, but that not yet has faced no team tawdry in the match. [Narration and statistics]

The second general test in the World-wide one was settled with another forceful victory. Egypt as soon as it lasted to Spain some to him minutes, surpassed by above and by down. From close and far. Marc took the relief him to its brother in the leadership from the equipment. If before Iran the initial push gave it Pau, the turn touched to him yesterday to the medium one of the Gasol, author of six points in the first minutes, creator of the 19-2 partisan with whom it took the encounter for Spain.

Rudy and Navarro had been united to the celebration with individual. A deceptive success, because the outer launching returned to be one of the breakers of Orenga. The other was the contribution from the bench, where only Ibaka put intensity and desire to him. The Congolese, reclaimed of the overload that left him outside before Iran, left to eat the field and ignited the public of Granada. 

He was the best one of length, concentrate and enjoying on the park as if outside the very same Olympic end. For him there are no friendly rests nor. Its name, chanted by the pavilion, caused that the rest brought closer the shoulder. Deserved prize and accolade to the inner game of Spain, that today will have a hard test before Brazil.
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