Indian farmers protest against the new bills of agricultural farming!

Former who is considered the lifeline of the Indian territory nowadays suffers from money just because the Indian government not offering minimum selling price to them. The new bills come from the central government; it is totally against farmers willing and started to oppose the account as soon as they hear about agricultural bills.

There are so many things to know about the agriculture Bill passed by the Centre Government of India. Some of the bill’s basics are discussed below to help you out why Indian farmers are protesting against the same amendment.

Does not assure prices

The protest’s leading cause is that the new bill doesn’t include any kind of Assurance about the prices of the grains. This started obscurity in the minds of the farmers that their grain will sell only at least prices. That is why they all started to protest against the bill and wanted to change the same amendment as soon as possible.

Include contract farming

The next reason for protest against the new amendment of Agricultural law is that it includes some basic rules that bring contract farming in, and farmers are not ready for agriculture. Many farmers things that if contract farming comes in in their region, they will become the slave of the contractors in their land.

That is why they all don’t want to become any victim of contactors and change the bill. But unfortunately, the Indian government still shows no sympathy towards Indian farmers and continues to try to convey to farmers that you will bring new life to Indian farming.

Famous personalities

To give growth to the farmer’s many famous personalities from the Punjab and Haryana also comes forward to help all the poor farmers who are against the bill. They all tried to give generous support to the farmers and tried to convey the government to take back this particular agriculture will to save the agriculture life of the farmers in India.

There are so many protests being happened in the parts of the Punjab and Haryana these days, and many farmers also come over the Highways with their tractors to oppose the bill uniquely and silently.

Many economists also opposed it.

The new bill of Central Government about agriculture is also opposed by so many economists available in India’s same territory. They also think that not going to help farmers; in fact, it hurts the same formers. And the Indian government should need to change the bill as soon as possible to give some relief to India’s lifeline that is farmers.

Online information

If you want to get some extra information about the same protest done by the Indian farmers these days, you need to visit some particular YouTube channels; many new tracks bring a fair amount of information about the same protest.

Many experts try to convey their thoughts about the new amendment, and you will get some excellent knowledge about it and understand the leading cause of the protest.

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