Want to know the top universities in New York City? Here are the top 5 universities.

New York, the fastest-growing city in the world, and it has a world-class selection of universities. These universities make New York one of the famous study cities in the world. It is pursuing students’ dreams come true in the town, whether it is out of the states. There are some top universities’ eligibility criteria, who satisfy the requirements are eligible for study in the university.

Top 5 universities

Here are the top universities to help you may decide where you to study in the city. So here I am discussing the top 5 universities based on the world rankings.

  • Cornell University

It is the best top university in New York City and one of the private universities in New York located in the Ithaca. The courses offer a range of both academic or vocational, and it is open to everyone. Many international students are coming from 120 countries to study at this university, and it is an excellent hub for them. This university is currently ranked 14th in the world and has 14 colleges for graduates and undergraduates.

  • New York University

It is also the top university in New York City, and it is located in Manhattan. It is associated with the 18 schools and even residential housing of about 12000 students. It is not a public university; it’s private. It is also useful in extracurricular activities and has several branch campuses around the world. Its have an extensive student community and have a large number of international students. It is also useful in activities such as sports like skating, artists, and musicians. And if you want to try out for skating, be sure to look your best by buying gears from www.skates.com.

  • City University of New York (CUNY)

The City University of New York is a public university globally and has students from more than 200 countries for their graduate and undergraduate studies. It consists of 24 colleges spread across manhattan and have a wide variety of courses. It is also connected with the city’s neighborhoods with a network of internship and fellowship programs.

  • Columbia University

It is one of the oldest universities in the country and founded in 1754. It is located on the upper west side of Manhattan and has the largest international student population. It is one of the private universities for graduate and undergraduate studies. It has many awardees and postdoctoral appointees, and it is the oldest in the state.

  • The New School

The New School is also one of the most popular universities in New York City, and its main campus mainly focuses on arts, humanities, and social sciences. It is academic in arts, music, drama, music, social research, design, and drama. It has more than 10000 students, of which 30 percent are international students. It is previously known as New School University, and it’s ranked best in the world university rankings.


So these are the top 5 universities of new York city, and all are world ranked. This information is enough to decide where you have to study.

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