Recent Developments In The New York Protest

New York is infamous for the millions of shooting cases reported almost every day. It is not uncommon for news channels to be flooded with fresh cases of murder and accidental shootings. However, the case of George Floyd has particularly caught the interest of many. The murder of black and brown people in the city continues to be relevant and in emergence to this day. These cases have consequently led the New York streets to witness protests almost every day. To help keep yourself financially stable amidst the chaos, you might want to consider playing some fun 먹튀검증 online and have the chance to make a bit of money.

Many may give in to the belief that these protests are only related to one case but in fact, there are millions of correlated cases giving rise to these protests almost every day. The protests resulting from the murder of George Floyd have taken place in several locations since May 2020. These protests were held in different locations and while some were held in peaceful nature, some protests also witnessed police or protester violence. Robbing and looting also became an emerging issue side by side amidst these protests.

African-American protest

You may be wondering what led to these raging protests? In May 2020, a video of a white police officer holding the neck of George Floyd, an African American, surfaced. The police held his neck for a long time until he was unable to breathe and eventually died on the spot. This murderous action angered many people and it also caused widespread outrage not just among African Americans but also among people around the world. As a result, protests were held demanding justice for the irresponsible death of George Floyd not just in New York City but all over the world.

The case of George Floyd drew many comparisons to previous such cases where black people were killed without any rhyme or reason. This goes on to show how they were never treated as human beings at all. The New York Police Department has been the most common link associated with these murder for their inhuman actions. The case of George Floyd is not the first incident circling the murder of a black man where he had done nothing wrong. There were many such cases before but the lack of awareness about such cases did not give rise to such numerous protests previously. The protests following the murder of George Floyd also gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter is a result of all the cases that have been linked with police brutality against black lives. With the growing murder of black people without any major reason, the need to save their lives became a major concern. It is quite disheartening to learn that black people have to fight for their lives even in such a modern age. The Black Lives Matter, therefore, emerges as a reaction against racially driven violence and police brutality against black lives. Incidents of such violence have flooded the news channels of New York for a long time now and only time has the answer as to whether this news and incidents will ever come to a stop.

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