Ideas for kindergarten activities

A few simple ideas can make kindergarten fun. It is possible to incorporate the joy of kindergarten into your classroom, but there are many other ways to add some fun to the day at school. Here are some ideas for kindergarten activities.

worksheets for kindergarten

You can use simple sight words and numbers games in the worksheets for kindergarten if your child is having difficulty learning letters or has trouble using their eye and hand coordination to correctly do sight word/number combinations. You might try the “ase” games. Five objects should be arranged in a straight line. Then, have the first group count how many letters they can see using their left and right eyes. The first group will have most letters, while the second and third groups will have fewer letters, respectively.

Another fun sight word game and number game is “mini eraser” counting grids. Again, four to five students should line up four corners of the grid in a manner similar to a checkerboard. For the first group, identify which letter or numbers form the corner. Then for the second and third groups, match the letters in pairs, from right to left. Once the letter pairs for the third group have been matched, the teacher can let out a short scream and all students must turn their backs to the board and attempt to pronounce the letters loudly one after the other.

Another fun kindergarten learning activities is a game of “chess”. As the game progresses, players must move their pieces around the playing field to capture the other players’ goals. These are usually very simple, but there are some that have a nice array of colorful moving pieces, making it very exciting and engaging for both players and keep the counting right! Here are some fun counting activities that kindergarteners can enjoy:

A game called “pass the parcel” is where a special parcel has a hole in it. Each player must put a letter or number on the bottom to pass the parcel to the next player. Players pass the parcel from one player to the next, picking up numbers by the package. This game is easy to master and fun, and it’s also educational.

Fun activities for kindergarten include “word find” (or “fill in all the blanks). The game of “word locate” is where children look at pictures and label them as words. The child must indicate where the word is located in the word. If he doesn’t see the word, he needs to either enter a question mark or a number in order to find a word matching what he saw. The last game is “fill in the gaps”. Children are given a piece of blank paper and a pencil. They fill in the blanks by writing correct words in the designated squares of the page.

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