The best way to sell your house

About Us: Buy Houses for Cash is an association of real estate investors that are searching for houses to buy without putting any money down. The investor pays all closing costs and taxes. We buy homes for cash with the aim of reselling them to house buyers. The main objective is to locate the perfect home to buy at the best price. This is why we buy ugly houses too. We make a minimal investment and don’t make any profit until we sell the house. It takes time and patience to get the right house at the perfect price, but once you find it, you can get the most lucrative deal.

we buy ugly houses

We buy with our personal money and do not work for others. We invest our own money in our selection of investment. We are passionate buyers who like to find houses for sale every day. We make an investment decision and await the best deal.

Our approach: We approach only registered and guaranteed investors. There are uncertified investors who approach us for funding for investment purposes. Our only criterion is that the house should fit our budget and requirement. We prefer investment properties which have potential to increase in the future. We are not to the appreciation company, we just search for investments that have potential for appreciation.

Our approach: We approach multiple real estate sellers. We attempt to buy a house from them and resell them when we are happy with the condition of the house. The strategy here is to discover an appropriate house at the appropriate location at the perfect price. We try to purchase the house that goes under market rate. In this way we save on our commission. We also take help of the property consultants so that we know where we are going to invest our money.

Our experience: We’ve been dealing in this business for over 10 years now. Therefore, we’ve got a pretty good idea about the various strategies and processes to be followed. We all know which methods are most lucrative. We follow these procedures. The result: We have always been happy with the returns. We never have had any issues with the investors.

Conclusion: there are various ways to buy a house. All these have advantages and disadvantages. We opted to go in for investment properties that suit all our budgets and requirements. We’re not into the appreciation business and hence don’t invest in properties which are beyond appreciation. This way we’ve always been pleased with our investments and aren’t determined by anybody for our investment decisions.

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