Update News about the ipl cricket tournament!

Indian Premier League is one special tournament that happens every year in the parts of the Indian region. The craze of watching IPL is increasing day by day among the fans who love to watch their favorite cricket players from different countries playing with each other at the same time. You could watch the game while rocking trendy skorts from golf-clubs.com/collections/womens-golf-skorts. 

If we do talk about the latest news about the IPL is that in the year 2020, it happened in the parts of Saudi Arabia country. Generally, this event is only used to you took place in the characteristics of India. Still, because of the covid-19 problem, BCCI has decided to launch this tournament in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the central part of the United Arab Emirates.

Same teams 

  • In the year 2020, it runs in the Indian region’s outer parts, but there is no change with the overall structure, especially for the IPL teams.
  • All the same, teams are playing in the same tournament, which plays in the previous matches of the ipl. Few couples like Mumbai Indians Chennai Super Kings Kings XI Punjab are few teams that used to play in the IPL tournament regularly, and this year, they are also playing with their selected team.

No crowd

  • The most notable thing about this year’s IPL tournament is that there is no present crowd in the cricket ground. It happens just because of coronavirus, where people need to detach from each other most of the time to remove the issue of the same virus.
  • However, some virtual audience is available on the LED screens, which gives some encouragement to the players who are playing alone on the grounds.

Shorter version

  • This year’s IPL tournament is also unique because it is a shorter version of the same game, which used to Run about three months. But now this year IPL tournament is only available for two months, and there are only 12 matches single for each team, which they need to win to qualify for the finals.

Mumbai Indians and other teams

  • In this tournament, Mumbai Indians are doing very well till now, and they are pretty much confident to reach the finals of the game as soon as possible. Delhi capitals are also trying their level best to get to the finals without much difficulty, and they almost have sufficient points over the table to become the qualifier.
  • Unfortunately, Rajasthan Royals Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad are still struggling to reach the finals. Apart from that, Royal Challengers Bengaluru has done pretty well in the tournament, which is considered the weakest team in the previous versions of the IPL.

Dean jones death at tournament

  • One said news also comes from the same tournament where Dean Jones loses his life because of Mumbai’s heart attack. He is part of the commentary team and stays in The Mumbai hotel in the tournament’s early days.

All the above lines about the present information of the IPL tournament gives you all the updated news.

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