A Morning Cup Of Tea With Your Interest News

News has many definitions. Some define it to be anything that is not ordinary. Some say it’s the unusual painting of life. The value of news matters through how much it excites people and how much they talk about it. It incorporates every current event and includes the interest of the people. The most excellent news is the one that keeps its readers or viewers hitched to it. It has all hot topics with people’s interest be it sports, business, about everyday life or entertainment.

The polarity between information and news

Information is anything that gives facts or lets you learn about someone or something. It is not known as news. The information does not become news until it adds any value to it. For example, the different pillars of the rate of income are not news it is just a piece of information. It is when the government chooses to either hike up those rates or alleviate those rates.

Values portrayed by news

  • Freshness/timeliness – News qualifies for it when it is fresh. Therefore, for deciding news, time is a great factor. A one-month-old episode will not make it as news. It also differs from printing press to printing press. For the present day, stories that took place a day before will only make it a piece of news or any ongoing case that is taking place for a long time.
  • Impactfulness – Its worthiness is decided by how big the impact was. For example- if a tsunami wave has caused damage in several parts of the world and a large number of people have lost their lives, it will make it news and will have a huge impact on people, whereas if there was a cylinder blast in a residence with ten people, it will also make it as news but will not impact people greatly.
  • Nearness or proximity – The origin of the incident also depends on people watching the news. In journalism, proximity is not only applicable to a geographical area but also the proximity of interest of the people. For example – If the headline says – the spread of dengue in parts of Japan, it does not qualify for the proximity of area and interest for people living in India.
  • Prominence – People have an interest in renowned people. Therefore if an event involves a prominent person, they indulge with more interest in news watching or reading.
  • Conflict – People love drama and conflict, and if any event includes conflict, riots, fight or a battle, it will never fail to make it news and will fix people attention.
  • Human Interest – These stories administer with events that have mutual feeling and emotion. For example – A child rescued by a policeman.

A man can survive without a newspaper but not news. Similarly, a newspaper can not persist without news. News is the backbone of broadcasting. The news is used to inform people and keep them updated about current events through association, portrayal and interpretation of the information. Enjoy your everyday news and earn money by playing simple and interactive betting games, กดที่นี่.

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