New York- Top attractions to visit in the city!

New York is the United States’ financial state, and it is located in the northeastern part of the united state. New York is the best famous city in the united state and a significant population with it. It has a collection of museums, venues, corporations, galleries, and media outlets. This city is best for tourism and has primary attraction visits such as the statue of liberty, time square, wall street, and others.

Here are the best attractions of the city

It is a highly dynamic city as a major attraction for visitors who come across the world. It also has excellent museums and art galleries, making it a positively influencing town in the world. So here I am discussing some of the top attractions of the city which attracts the visitors most.

  • Times Square

It is one of the most attractions in the city, and initially, it is called Longacre Square before 1904, but after it is known as Times Square. As the name, it is not a square, but it is more of a district. It makes the best tradition in the city, and seventh Avenue and Broadway intersect it. It is the best venue for visitors known for its crowded streets, tourists, and theaters.

It makes its eve tradition, as become famous for dancing, music, theaters in the streets and makes securing place in history. It makes its own culture, exciting bright lights, and dark corners and makes the best relationship with Americans in the city. As tourist visitors increased, it continues to improve.

  • The statue of liberty

It is the most popular attractions in New York and has the best iconic structure to visit. It is made as to the symbol of freedom, and the statue is covered by pure copper and has a framework of steel. The statue is made up of a rectangular pedestal. Many of the visitors are coming to this place, and it is one of the first glances of the united state. The national park service administrates it.

It represents freedom, independence, and city value to the visitors, and no one can miss it if anyone tourists New York. It is officially known as Liberty Enlightening the World, and it was given to the united state by France in 1885.

  • Central park

It is one of the best attractions gardens in New York, known as Manhattan’s back garden with its dense population. It is the most visited park in the city and a place to read a book, walk, and attend the concert. It has most trees and plants and has something that interests every visitor. It has various artificial lakes, ice-skating rinks, hiking and bike trails, a zoo, and several playparks for children. Over 20 million visiting this park every year has made it the most attractive garden in New York.


So these are the top attraction to visit in New York. You can get this information before you travel to the city.

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