Trying Your Luck In Travel Vlogging? Go For A New York Tour!

Vlogging is turning out to be one of the most enjoyable careers that a person can opt for; it helps them to grow their career at a faster pace and will also help them to become famous among their audience. But if you are struggling to find out which place you should consider making your travel vlogs, your search is over because New York is the best place with many attractions to cover. And it is also the best place to flaunt your sporty yet stylish bag from

New York

Being one of the greatest cities worldwide, New York is quite famous for a lot of tourist places that the town secures in its boundary. No doubt whether the heritage site is related to trading or shopping, you will find a lot in the city to explore and record for your loving audience to watch. Let us start the count now:

  1. Where else will you go if you will not visit the statue of liberty? Many people know about the 152 feet tall statue. But there are a few who know that this was a gift to America from France. Being a viewer, you can view the statute from the land s of Manhattan’s coasts, but being an explorer and a vlogger, you must go for a boat ride that takes you a bit closer to the statue. Travel, explore and make it worth visit for your audience.
  2. Another must-visit place in New York is the empire state building, famous for something worst that happened. The place was attacked by the terrorists, and many people lost their lives in that attack. The building was rebuilt by the government with a memorial to pay homage to the people who lost their lives in that act of utmost cruelness.
  3. 9/11 Memorial Museum, as told earlier, the building of the world trade center was attacked by the terrorists on the 9th of November 2001, which took the lives of several people; the government has developed the area to pay homage to the people who lost their lives without any fault. At this place, the name of all people who lost lives in the attack is mentioned, and people usually visit the place as the last respect to their loved ones.
  4. You must have heard the name of time square area once in your life; this is a place where buildings are not buildings but are billboards to advertise different things. The place is famous for celebrating the new year and Christmas Eve. Many other festivals of different nations are also celebrated at this place by placing their flags wishing all of them happiness.
  5. Designed by famous architects Carrere and Hastings, one of the prominent places to visit for all literature and architects students is the New York Public Library. The library is the best city attraction. It is one of the favorite locations for people who make movies. You can visit this location and next time you watch a movie and find this place you will already know where it is picturized.

Well, plan your travel today!

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